Holy Ukrainian National Autocephalous Orthodox Church in Exile, Blessings of Kiev



To:  The Orthodox World

 Subject:  Holy Ukrainian National Autocephalous Orthodox Church in Exile, Blessing of Kiev

 Date:  August 8, 2006

Our presence in America was brought about by the Communist Movement in the Ukraine in the early 20th century.  A Tomos issued by the Ecumenical Patriarch in 1924, allowed our Jurisdiction to become autocephalous, (self governing), and seek exile in America to escape the blight of Communism.

 Currently, there is battle ensuing over the spiritual rule of the Ukrainian people by the Moscow Patriarch, Alexei II and the Ecumenical Patriarch, Bartholomew.  Patriarch Alexei II recognizes Patriarch Sabodan as the only canonical Patriarch in the Ukraine.  The Ecumenical Patriarch wishes that Patriarch Filaret of the Kievian Patriarchate and Patriarch Dymytryi of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church unite under Patriarch Sobodan.  Partiarch Dymytryi has no wishes to unite under the Russian Church.

 With this current state of affairs within the Ukraine, it is our position to remain at a distance from the struggle and enjoy our status to be self governing that was granted to us many years ago by the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

 It is our prayer and hope that the issues will be resolved in the Ukraine and unity can be restored so the true work of Lord Jesus Christ can be accomplished in the Ukraine which is to "save souls" and not the scandalous in-fighting which is a disgrace to our calling and mission as clergymen.


+Metropolitan Archbishop Haralambos, Primate of
the Holy Ukrainian Orthodox National Autocephalic Church in Exile, Blessings of Kiev
Grand Prior and Chevalier of the Order of Holy Sepulchre (O.S.S.)
Orthodox Priory in America